Best believe that shit cuts like a knife when she no longer believes you
you’ll say almost anything so she won’t leave you
at this point you’re so transparent that she sees through
all your bullshit so you no longer need to….

keep making excuses,shit is useless
no one to blame,you’re the culprit that made her do this
the unrequited love?she told that sh it to be quiet
she got you out her life and she’s gone on a diet

you called her a fat bitch and she cried tears like an actress
now I help her lose weight on the very same mattress
that you used to sleep on,also used to creep on
so I make her change the sheets everytime we get our freak on

it was all good just a week ago
the ups and downs the highs and the lows
and to think you used to call her a stupid and useless ho
I tell her she’s my everything and everywhere we’ll go

and by the way you take my breath away and also give me life
just spending time with you,I apologize
for not telling you you were beautiful yesterday
I know it’s not a big deal but I usually tell you everyday

becuz you are and it’s not just the physical also the inner
today’s no special occasion but I’m taking you out to dinner
this is what a REAL relationship feels like
just leave the past in the past cuz this feels right,right?

~Jay Karma~