Her Progression…


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That’s me in the spotlight,reluctantly
watching a scantily clad girl dance seductively
trying to gas me outta my one’s,you know how that go!
all up on that pole for every Tom,Dick and Harpo

making it clap in hopes that I act like I ain’t got the…
sense that God gave me and Mom’s taught me
you ought to be ashamed,I don’t make it drizzle or make it rain
in anticipation of precipitation I shall remain

on my best behavior and refrain from calling you out your name
I ain’t one to judge and you are thick as fuck!I’m just saying
but get dem dollas from these so called thugs and suckas for love
and hopefully in the near future,you’ve finally had enough

and use your brain,i’m not talking bout head but getting ahead
eff those imaginary haters,focus on yourself instead
less time on facebook,put your face in a book
knowledge is power,then you’ll really have these nigs and bitches shook

pardon my ignorance,i’m still a work in progress myself
I should take my own advice and try to better myself
now you have beauty and brains to match your financial gain
go head and stunt on instagram,show’em you ain’t playin…
~Jay Karma~


Still Mourning This Morning…


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I went from passive aggressive to overly suggestive
of some shit,that I’d probably have to usher up a confession
my obsession is obsessing over past transgressions
that I can’t do shit about,learned lessons

for the victims and the n word that inflicted them
that’s me with my hand raised and all of the hell raised
fresh in my mind but I’m blind to the repercussions that’s coming
I’m an intellectual thug,so I welcome the discussion

but in the meantime…it’s like fuck it,I’m doin me yo
and if shit sound foul?take your free throws
I’m trying to set the bar high with these bars that I utter
so muhfukkas will realize that I’m not like the others

I stand alone,only child,rarely smile in my pictures
I miss my pops,every now and then he pops up and he visits
me in my dreams
they say life is but a dream but it’s far from merry
and yeah I’m coping with your loss dukes but barely

I rarely show emotion but you’re the exception to the rule
4:30 in the morning and I’m mourning over you
with tears rolling down my face onto the keyboard and it’s cool
I’m smiling the whole time,that’s what you would want me to do

didn’t want to express this on Father’s Day
cuz that’s so cliche,especially when I miss you everyday
so I’m gonna rep your memory to the best of my ability
I might slip up now and then but please forgive me
~your only child~

Evolution Of An Asshole…

Time heals all wounds,distance makes the heart grow fonder
it’s been a couple of years,how long is yo ass gon’ wander?
time flies when you’re having fun
but they fail to tell ya it moves slow as hell when you ain’t having none

so now i’m back on the dating scene
things done changed alot since i’ve been gone i’m seeing
women settling for jump offs and one night stands
friends with benefits and dating VERY married men

DAMN! has it come to this,selling your souls?
cuz of your insecurities and fear of being alone?
all this talk about a good man is hard to find
when I approach you respectfully you still pay me no mind

but when I act a fool it’s cool
yeah i’m acting out of character,look what you made me do
do I become like the rest and disrespect yo ass?
or remain on my own and find a woman with class?

good guys finish last and ya’ll taught me that
you don’t hold dudes accountable for the way they act
you encourage them,therefore you reap what you sow
just a little insight on why some men are assholes

~Jay Karma~

Throw Away My Pen…

Baby I’m a….star!let me get my Purple Rain on
trickle down effect,you get your drink away the pain on
will you tough it out?well..that’s something you should think on
I give you attitude on the reg.with some stink on it

Damn!This was supposed to be easy part
but I took your heart and put that shit inside a Quisinart
and pressed shred,we were supposed to blend instead
the end result was me playing Hunger Games with your head

right girl,wrong place,wrong time
a bunch of contradicting shit running through my mind
and I would have to be an asshole not to know
that I probably got on your last nerve a long time ago

a tortured artist,my poems go unnoticed
at the same time it seems the same poets get noticed
agree or disagree but somebody had to broach this…
subject that has a brotha losing focus

cuz if nobody comments,did I really write it down?
like that tree in the forest,does it really make a sound
when it falls down?when it all falls down
9 times out of 10 nobody’s gonna stick around

you told me you’re my #1 fan then it hits me
she gets me!The only person that I need to get me
so any last words?FUCK all of ya’ll!Ice Cube style
as I throw away my pen and crack a smile and I’m out!

~Jay Karma~

The Cycle…

So now i’m sitting here watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother
Big Bang Theory and that other one
plus my girl’s creeping on me with at least 2 and A Half Men
a sucka for love I wish I wouldn’t have been

but…such is life,you live and you learn
then tires get slashed,windows get busted,pics get burned
and it’s on to the next,on on to the next one
more fish in the sea? I thought I had the best one

white lies and ugly truths left me black hearted
still trying to figure out how it all started
I was already fragile,you validated my fears
my shoulder was a bottomless well for all of your tears

the heartache is testing my pain’s threshold
boy meets girl,well you know how the rest go
win some,lose some,love some,screw some
unresolved issues taken out on the new one

~Jay Karma~

A Work In Progress…

I’m a work in progress,just ask my exes
10 years later,I guess it’s a slow process
dragging my feet,outright procrastinating
or I can choose to stay the same and claim people are hating

but that man in the mirror is brutally honest
ruining promising relationships is all that I accomplished
there’s a thin line between facetious and vicious
and I admit I did some shit to make you suspicious

but i’m a work in progress I can’t stress this enough
give me another chance and I’m gonna make it up
to you…or am I simply just making it up?
until you reach your breaking point and finally had enough

another house that love got evicted from
another sabotaged relationship you was victim of
I got some issues,more than Ebony and Jet
but baby I’m a work in progress or did you forget?

~Jay Karma~

Confessions Of A Lovesick Poet…

(Sighs)…Finally it’s come to this?
going out on some “it’s not you,it’s me shit?”
breathe…let that shit out son
chalk it up as another life lesson

I lost count,is this the 4th or the 5th one?
a sucker for love,do I fit the description?
nights like this! I get my Eddie Cain on
5 heart beats slowly dissipating down to none

guess I probably should thank you tho
cuz you’re just another stepping stone on the road
to the one who’ll appreciate what I have to offer
with my luck,I’ll probably fall harder

but…look at the bright side,though it’s night time
no rhyme or reason,which is probably the reason I rhyme
going through these poems in my head a million times
for the hope that 1 person reads it 1 time

confessions of a lovesick poet
men don’t usually express themselves and I know it
so I fall on my sword for the benefit of my brothers
wish I didn’t have to,if I had my druthers

~Jay Karma~

Don’t Go Into The (Lime)Light!…

If ignorance is bliss,is intelligence purgatory?
if I keep spitting flames,will they still ignore me?
(pause) I’m a lyrical arsonist
pardon my arrogance but I put my heart in this

you just satisfy the masses,bunch of lame asses
thought you had class but you’re just ghetto fabulous
and you ain’t even from the ghetto,you’re suburbian
allow my ignant ass to hit you with the word again

like a priest or a minister but I administer
words in a way that sound sinister
my word play is foreplay,the punchlines are the climax
was it good for you?that’s what I ask

now I’m at a impasse,how long will this last?
I have an obsession with unanswered questions
and a fetish for the unobtainable acceptance
that if I ever achieved I’d probably neglect it

it’s not what I expected,just a bunch of yes men
now show me the carfax and I’ll drive off in this lemon
you see,there’s a distinction between me and the average
I’ll remain anonymous,the limelight…ya’ll can have it!

~Jay Karma~

Insecure Brotha…

As I offer my insincerest apologies
surprise surprise, you checked me for acting irresponsibly
I spazzed cuz allegedly you had disrespected me
I didn’t have all of my facts,whatchu expect from me?

i’m insecure…unsure of myself,no confidence
still astonished you acknowledged none of my accomplishments
tired of hearing about the gift that keeps on giving
while i’d rather experience the love that keeps on living

heaven knows the hell that I’ve been through,to only return
with emotional scars and burns
I guess support from you is too much to ask
too interested in time travel,digging up my past

about to give give you my ass to kiss with an asterisk*
so pissed,don’t know what i’m gonna write after this
WOOSAH! still trying to calm the fuck down
and all you offer is a sorry and a rub down?

i’ll take it and moments later we’re naked
it’s moments like this I hold sacred
I guess what i’m trying to say is “hold a brotha down”
and we’ll live happily ever after…at least for now

~Jay Karma~


Anticipation’s a muthafucka,my heart is racing
stopped me dead in my tracks,she’s looking so amazing
we were meant to be together,she doesn’t know it yet
if there’s a man in her life maybe she’ll soon forget

I’m not a home wrecker,just a go getter
and there’s no time like the present so I’ma go get her
swag?I’ll just try being myself first
setting myself up for heartache becuz love hurts

even though this has potential for disaster
but on the other hand,she could be my Mrs.Happily Ever After
who woulda thunk it?it’s been a long time coming
embracing these feelings about a chick instead of running

in the opposite direction,silly me
will she feel the same way?anticipation is killing me
especially not knowing if she’s feeling me
the same way that I’m feeling her but I’m sensing she’s

ready,for a man with some intellect
instead of them no good dudes she was messing with
3 weeks of stalling,can’t take it any longer
I’m Jay Karma,your knight in shining armor and you are?…..

~Jay Karma~